Another year floats by



Floating bands of time,
weathering the cold and rain,
years parading by.


Many years ago, my mother, sister and I traveled by bus to the Orange Bowl parade.  All the bands and glittering floats created an indelible memory. 

As the mother of 2, a child’s wonder made way for the realities of traveling to such an event.  Catching the bus to the parade site wasn’t as hard as  catching a bus home that was standing room only.  I can’t imagine what she was thinking as bus after bus, too full to allow more passengers on the return trip, passed us by.

Once I understood the exhaustion a mother feels from worries about communicable diseases and dangers associated with crowds, I am humbled by my mother’s efforts to set aside her fears.  She gave me the gift of a memory that comes out to play each year allowing a child’s wonder of Christmas to live again.

I regret to inform you that after enough decades, the wonder of a new year wears off rather quickly.