How Coon Cat looks after a hard day of eating, sleeping, eating…

Being lazy tonight.

I love writing replies to other people’s blogs, soooo…I’m taking parts of replies I’ve made and sharing them with you.  They’re more fun to read when they’re out of context:

  • Dyslexia is not a death sentence, it’s another form of creativity.
  • It sounds like you’re living in the Twilight zone and I’m in the Outer Limits.
  • Did you have a lizard running over your face after the 3 inch cockroach that preceded him? Once, I had ants on my face, too.
  • Being light sensitive, I don’t mind gray skies and my brain is already filled with fog.
  • Ever wonder how much meat we’d eat if one of our elementary school field trips skipped the aquarium and went straight to the slaughterhouse to show us how animals get from the farm to the store? I probably would’ve been eating fish as my only source of protein all my life.
  • There’s nothing like coming home to a happy puppy whose smiling eyes say, “You’re my whole world.

Hope you enjoyed this brief slog into the mire that is FloridaBorne’s brain.  Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll say goodbye until tomorrow.  I have smiles to go (and puppies to pet) before I sleep.  🙂