A little fall humor


I was freezing this morning and the heater is on as I write this combination haiku and tourist bulletin at 7pm.  

Hard to believe it’s 60 degrees, but cold waves do happen–even in Florida.  A few days ago, we were wearing short sleeves.  By next week, it’s going to be in the mid to high 70’s.

Below is a picture of how my front yard looked 3 weeks ago. Except for the gray skies that roiled in this morning, the trees don’t look much different today than they did then.

Did I mention that I just picked oranges from the tree in my front yard?  No?  

In honor of leaves that rarely fall before December, I’ve written a Haiku type substance.  



A Florida fall

trembles at November leaves

refusal to die.


I looked at the weather in Chicago and New York.  High of 48 and lows in the 30’s.  

This is what it looks like 20 miles from my home:


There are several motels and hotels in Palatka, Florida, all of them cheaper than St. Augustine or Daytona Beach (both an hour away).  There’s a riverfront park, miles of country for sightseeing, and warm…lots and lots of warm.

If you’re from the north.