Good and Weird


  1.  This is the last day of NaNoWriMo for the year.  Just added another 186 words at the very end of the book, so the word count is now 68,559
  2. Went to yoga class.  Personal Trainer Barbie worked us to near death and no one has broken a hip yet.
How it feels to a native Floridian riding a motorcycle in 68 degree weather.

How it feels for a native Floridian to ride a motorcycle in 68 degree weather.

Weird :  

  1.  Hellvember has plagued us with car problems.  So why not “celebrate” the pain by spending a 1/2 hour on a motorcycle, the only transportation that would reliably get me to the office.  But first, I had to find the gloves I use 1 month out of the year and the cold weather hiking boots I’ve used once since 2001.  
  2. I dug out the boots I’d purchased for a trip through France and Switzerland (where I nearly froze in August), pulled gobs of dog hair out of the shoe laces, and slathered the leather in neatsfoot oil. Under the crust of dirt and humidity resembling concrete, that has covered them for the past 2 years, they’re still in excellent condition.  
  3. The gloves took a bit longer to locate.  I found them in a cubby hole after 20 minutes of searching a 10 x 12 room.
  4. It was a revelation:  With warm feet and hands, I’m able to ride on the back of a motorcycle in 68 degree weather.  All it requires is 2 sweaters, a leather jacket, warm boots, and arctic-level gloves. 
  5. I’m certain that all the people living north of the Mason-Dixon line are laughing right about now.  mason-dixon searchpp
  6. Hey. We all have our talents.  I can live in 95 degree weather with 100% humidity using no A/C in the middle of summer and not break a sweat.  I invite you to bring your tent for a 2-week camp out at Gold Head Branch State Park in July-August and see if you can say the same.  🙂