A Thanksgiving Reminder from the Coon Cat



This is a reminder to wash your hands thoroughly when handling turkey.

Yesterday, mom cooked a turkey and dressing. She cut up the liver and gave it to my brother and me.  As greedy humans will do, she kept the rest for herself.

After hours in the kitchen, she went into her room to stare at this screen:

cat scan

I started sniffing her hand.  You know, the one on the mouse?  I swear to the great Cat God that it smelled just like a turkey thigh hovering over that stupid pointer control.  Just to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating, I started to lick it.

“That’s odd,”  Mom said, seconds  before I chomped on her knuckle.

She screamed, I bolted, watching from afar as she slathered her hands with grapefruit scented dish soap before washing thoroughly. 


Typical human.  She upset me and, as yet, has not apologized.