Last night, Other Brother Coon Cat slept on my arm, Dingo Mutt and Fat White Dog were serving as book-ends for my legs, and Errrr dog cuddled next to my feet.  

I know what the cat wanted:  Food.  He made that clear  with a dissatisfied “Mrrrr,” the moment my eyes popped open, ready and waiting at the food bowl when I staggered into the kitchen.  

The dogs only cuddle up like that when they’re cold or sense danger.  It wasn’t cold.  What was my first thought when I finally peeled an unwilling body out of bed?  “What do they know that I don’t?”

Then, I thought about all the love dogs give to us each day, and this poem wanted to be written.


I will never promise to love you

and leave you when you need my heart the most.

Every day of my life, I show my devotion.


I will never promise to stay by your side,

only to flee when you need my protection.

Humans lie to you, but I cannot betray.


I will never expect you to change for me.

I’m always watching you, trying to obey,

happy for food, love, and a little play.