Conversations of Odd


Some days I wonder if God is looking down from the clouds. But that’s just my imagination….right?

God, or whatever you are, I’m back in the dark again, trying to understand the workings of my soul.  Or maybe it’s just that I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something.

Like your housework, your bills and life before NaNoWriMo?


In October, you started outlining your story your way, typing down ideas as they came to you.

I had a fair idea about the direction it was going to go by the time November 1 peeked its ugly head around the corner.  I started hitting the thought tracks like I was running down the street away from a slurry of angry dogs.  My primary priorities were my day job and getting 3000 words a day ready  to log into the NaNoWriMo site.  Well, it’s November 17, I have over 51,000 words validated and more to come.  And I even gave the dogs a bath.

But you keep wondering what you’re forgetting.

Could you help me out here? 

Sure, but you won’t like it.

I rarely do.

Your book is about an alien who once ruled Earth, and because of a few alterations to his body that make him immortal, he can’t die but wishes he had that option.  A being once in line to run an entire universe awakens centuries after the destruction of his ship, without his force of will.  He becomes a slave, a servant, a son and then he becomes obsessed with finding a way back to his origins.

It reminds me of what’s happening in our world.  We haven’t enjoyed this level of enlightenment for thousands of years, and we’re poised to go into a dark ages again.  We had the chance to shine.  We’ve watched it taken away by our own inaction.  A tower of people who want to live like kings without considering who gets hurt are going to die at the hands of the uneducated masses we’re hurting.   We’re headed for a gargantuan level crash.

You believe that technology and equality will suffer the same fate under religious extremes as Alexandria did when the masses revolted against that elite. 

So much knowledge was lost that will never be regained again.  We’re seeing the destruction of history, just as it happened during the time of Alexandria, an unimaginable wealth of knowledge lost so that a group of extremists can recreate history in their own image. 

Do you see what you’re forgetting?

Not really.

Earth is nothing more than the platform you’re standing on as you wait for the train to take you home. Life on Earth is nothing more than a flash so brief that it’s immaterial to the cosmos. 

If it weren’t for thousands of years of human struggle, I wouldn’t have the life I’ve lived.

You, and 4% of the world.  Let’s not get into the hell this life is for most of Earth’s creatures, including people.  Look at what you’ve accomplished. 

I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

And more.  You give your job, and your writing, the best of your ability.  There will always be debts to pay, sorrows and joys as you slog through the mire of corporeal life.  But at the end of this journey is rest.

You’re right.  I don’t like where this conversation is going.

Enjoy your dogs, your cats, and a relatively short period in the history of your country that has known peace.  Soon enough another world war is going to encompass the Earth.   It will continue until the people want peace bad enough to stop the scum from rising to the top again, or until all but the insects on this planet die.

You’re a real conduit of Christmas cheer.

Continue to search for the light inside you.  Leave Earth to the people who can’t see past the darkness. 

Hey!  What a great ending to my book.  You know, the NaNoWriMo rough draft that will never get published.

That’s the spirit.