Caturday Conversing with Cats


!!!!Wake up!!!! Sleeping is Futile

Coon Cat:  Hey!  Human! Feed me! Me-now! 

Human (throwing the bed covers over her head):    It’s Saturday!

Coon Cat:  No…it’s Caturday. 

Human:    Just wait another hour…please….

Coon Cat: My stomach doesn’t care about your weekend schedule.  I was kind to you, I gave you the 5am wake-up paw.  

Human:   *snore*     Aaaarrrruuughhh!   What the hell?

Coon Cat:  That was my alarm claw.  Next stop, the 5:30 love bites.  I’ll start with your fingers.

Whoever came up with the Borg motto “Resistance is Futile” must’ve been owned by a cat.