Why this week sucks (and doesn’t)

Gentle giant

The Gentle Giant exploring the yard 1 year after an eye was removed along with a cancerous tumor.

There should be a forum for people to write about things that suck this week. 
But because I try to be grateful for the blessings in my life, I’ll start out with the amazing, fantastic and totally wonderful things that happened this month.
  1. My granddaughter’s birthday. She had lots of fun at the skating rink and she’s a very lucky girl to have parents & extended family who love her so much.
  2. I was able to visit my daughter  Sept 12 – 21 and she took a week off so we could spend quality mother-daughter time together.  I loved spending time with her.
1. I tried to call my granddaughter to wish her a happy birthday but haven’t been able to talk to her yet.
2. My daughter lives in Oklahoma City. I wish my daughter and her family lived in North Florida, but she doesn’t like Florida. The only places I can think of that happen to be worse than Oklahoma (in the US) are South Florida, NYC, the Texas panhandle, any state that’s mostly swamp… oh, and Kansas.
3. The day I landed in OKC, my son-in-law (who is the best son-in-law ever) was on his way to urgent care to see if he had strep.
4. My son in law had strep.
5. I was sick with strep 4 days later, complete with fever.
6. Cleared by the doctor as non-contagious (after 48 hours on Amoxicillin) I stepped onto the 1st of 2 planes to travel home. When I landed, my left ear was still at 30,000 feet.  It remained that way for the 3 days that I lived on benedryl, ibuprofen and the remains of the Amoxicillin.
7. After coming home from Oklahoma City, I couldn’t go back to the office (It seems my body and brain were refusing to talk to each other). Some days it’s better not to go into work and screw things up so that you have to work twice as long to correct the problems you created.  It put me behind schedule by 2 days.
8. What I have to keep reminding myself:  Our 14 year old boxer-great dane puppy, the Gentle Giant, lived 15 months after having a cancerous tumor removed along with the eye it was invading (June 2014).  Due to the aggressive nature of the cancer, and the fact that our vet couldn’t remove it all, our Gentle Giant was given weeks to live. He recovered with a lot of TLC from hubby (his best buddy). He became ill quite suddenly on Saturday. On Sunday, he was dying. And on my granddaughter’s birthday he gave up the fight.  Was it cancer, an infection, or something dead he found on the property to eat?  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is the fact that he had more love inside him than 100 humans combined.
9. I’m presently an unmotivated mess, as are the other 4-footed and 2 footed members of my family living in our home.
10. It’s quite possible the strep is coming back for a second round, or it could be grief. I haven’t decided yet.
We don’t need pity, we simply need a little time to grieve, an emotion that is a natural part of life.  
What’s the best thing you can do for someone who is grieving?  Listen.  If we say something repeatedly, just listen.  If we try to think of the what if’s, just listen.  Then, the moment we say, “I didn’t do all I could do,”  have an entire list of all the things to say that s/he did right, and say it without hesitation.
How can I be so sure?