Travel storm

plane crash

No, I haven’t written a post in 2 days

Yes, it’s because of a 1st world problem.

The Jacksonville to Baltimore to Oklahoma city 6-hour “jaunt” ended up to be

  • circling Baltimore for an hour, trying to land twice in a storm in wind sheer so bad that other planes had to land at other airports,

  • the plane being close to running out of fuel and having to land in Philadelphia to refuel,

  • calling my daughter to say that I was sorry I had to yell into the phone but there were passengers freaking out, people demanding to get off the plane and/or demanding to be put up for the night (especially the 2 loud new yorkers sitting in the seats in back of me that couldn’t stop talking the entire way there–including through all the important announcements–but I didn’t add in that little tidbit during the conversation),

  • enjoying the infuriated silence while I explained to Lydia that we would be in the air again to Baltimore as soon as the plane was refueled,

  • finding out 5 minutes before the plane was supposed to leave again that it was grounded and I (as well as a bunch of others now stranded) had to go to customer service to get on the next flight,

  • Waiting 30 minutes for everyone else to get their situations taken care of, then being given a flight to Atlanta with a plane change to OKC, (i.e., instead of staying on the same plane for the duration, I was now going to have to take 3 flights).

  • being dropped off at the wrong gate by a sky cap in a rush & having a very strange feeling that I wasn’t in the right place,

  • finding someone at the new gate to look up the gate info for me who remembered telling the sky cap that he was dropping me off at the wrong place after he rushed off before I had time to give him a tip,

  • having the customer service person rush me over to right place 5 gates down, and

  • getting to the gate 10 minutes before take-off (the flight attendants had been expecting me and saved me a seat closest to the bathroom).  Fortunately for me, the plane was already an hour late for takeoff or I would’ve spend the night in Atlanta.

  • Thinking about the ordeal that the flight attendants and customer service people went through and wondering if it was possible to nominate them for sainthood.

Arrival time in OKC:  11:00 pm CST.


That was Saturday.  It’s now Monday in OKC with a thunderstorm passing by.

Thunder storms seem to be following me everywhere.  Maybe I should fly over to Sacramento, California.  They need the rain.