Mind over atom


Ever have one of those days when your mind just wants to go blank, when your dog wants to run out at 2 in the morning to chase a mystery creature and your cat decides it’s a good time to jump on your chest, nuzzle your neck and demand food?

If you have a dog or a cat or a cat-dog, you probably do.

Anyway, my mind is traveling in circles again like a dog chasing his tail.  I wish it would stop thinking of stuff like…

  • If my friends jumped over a cliff would I follow?  I’d look behind me to see what’s chasing them first.
  • If I had laryngitis, fell, and there was no one around to hear it, would I make a sound?
  • If I lost my mind would it really matter?  And would anyone be able to tell?
  • Why do people have to make up names for things that only stuck-up people can pronounce?  Recidivism means someone who doesn’t learn from the first incarceration, reverts to the same behavior, and can’t stay out of jail.    Why can’t we just call it what it is:   Jailvertism?
  • If the word Contraindicated means you shouldn’t use something (like drugs with alcohol) why isn’t there a word like Contra-in-thought-icated to explain why stuff at the sub atomic level doesn’t work like we think it should?

The cat had enough treats (He’s asleep).  The dogs have chased away the mystery creature.  My brain wants to go back to bed but all it’s going to do is dream about quarky bosons.  

Still, I have to try so that tomorrow I can be up an atom.