Week 1 Haiku Winner!

Feline Cafe
Blogger Wins Week 1 in the Haiku Challenge!

Yes, it’s true! greg1948 has earned a place in the finals with his very first Haiku!

In his own words:
(Its boring Monday. I’ve never written haiku. This is my first one.)


DSCF3894Well, we say KUDOS to you!`

And here is the Winning Haiku by Greg1948 in response to the photo on the right:

O canada long
empty highways traverse a
forested landscape.

By greg1948, blogger at Feline Cafe!


Greg’s profile says he’s a retired ‘Cat Guy’ with 5 years of blogging experience and the other members of his cathold are Marigold, Zeke and Opie (who actually does have a strong resemblance to another famous Opie).

Please check it out. Feline Cafe is chock full of feline photos, humor, stories and interesting lore to inspire cat lovers around the globe.

Thanks for entering the Haiku Challenge!

Special Thank You to the kind people at Bitbox.com and their Conglomerfont community page  for the bare bones of the letter ‘H’.