Ode to the brave few

Questioning a world doggedly looking for “sane” in all the wrong places.

On August 11, I wrote a post called


I gave a list of my own ( https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/2015/08/11/question-insanity/ ) and finished it by writing:

Think outside the rubber room and help me add to this list of cultural insanity.  I’ll create another post with your answers and a link to your blog site.

I invite you to add to this list as a reply.

Think you for your great additions to the list.  As promised, here are the replies:

  1. greg1948  (https://felinecafe.wordpress.com/ )

    Smoking is “cool”. The cancer wards are full of my generation who bought into this–except for me!


  2. warturoadam77p ( https://itinerantneerdowell.wordpress.com/ )

    Believing that other cultures will understand and embrace, what we Americans, call democracy, (which really isn’t) ;if we keep giving them more money–even more absurd; thinking they will like us in the process


  3. Giving and giving to people who will never really love you.

  4. Erica Herd  ( http://suburbanhobo.com/ )

    Oh, one more: talking about the “quality of life” decline in NYC (euphemism for lots of homeless lining the streets and begging) rather than actually creating affordable housing for them. Many real New Yorkers cannot afford to live in NYC anymore — I moved out 8 years ago.


    My thanks to the brave few who see the merit in questioning insanity.