We’ve got to stop meeting like this, God or whatever I’m talking to.  It’s 2am, I’m typing in the dark, and I’ve had another one of those dreams…again.

I know.  I was there.

If it isn’t ants taking over a house and driving people out, it’s earthquakes or @$$holes.  Last night, I was a princess , the only surviving member of my country–or so I thought.  At the end of that dream, my culture and beliefs destroyed by my captors, I found out that my dream brother has infiltrated the palace guards and he is still alive.  He gives me a speech about recapturing our heritage, and he’s appalled when I tell him that the only thing left to do is to live what life we have and move on.

You don’t remember the first part of it.  Your dream father was a tyrant.  You want to live in a country run by a tyrannical king?

No.  I want to know why it seems like the world is one giant smorgas-war where cultures swallow-up cultures and no one ever gets full?  Islam is doing that to Africa and Christianity did it to North and South America.  As far back as written history goes, the feasting continues.   Then there’s  he Neanderthals who were swallowed up by us.  The only traces remaining of their culture are a few genes still floating around inside the present Sapiens bodies inhabiting Earth.

You want to know what it’s all for and why bother to fight for any belief?

Sort of.  I want to know why the ones swallowing up the world, no matter their race, religious belief or culture over the eons, seem to be the scum of the Earth.  Why do peaceful and enlightened cultures get swallowed up and the cycle of savagery continues on?

You’re concerned that the world is facing the fate of Alexandria, Rome, and Spain’s medieval Grenada all over again.

Savages march in to libraries, places of peace, and advanced civilizations destroying everything that was learned.  Then we spend a thousand years (or more) re-learning it.  Why do I feel like that’s about to happen again?

Because people who are enlightened with knowledge rarely understand the mind of people who have no inhibitions about destroying the best of other civilizations regardless of the cost.

It’s more like a disease that kills the host body than a culture.  Or maybe that’s why it’s called a culture when you’re growing bacteria to see what the heck is killing someone?

Dreams are a warning given to you when your mind asks for the message. 

In every dream I’ve had lately, I lose my house or lose my way. Something’s coming, God.  I don’t know what it is.  All I know is that it’s bad.

And bad is subject to interpretation according to who is the aggressor and who is the annihilated.  You’re spirit wrapped inside flesh.  None of it matters.

That’s easy for you to say.  You don’t have to watch innocent living creatures suffer at the hands of aggressors.  I don’t care if the flesh is temporary, it still feels, loves, and exists.  There is no sane, rational, or loving reason to allow this kind of agony to happen. 

I never said the world was sane, I just said that the world collectively chooses what is going to happen to it; the same things over and over again, the same destructive belief systems.  The world desires drama, strife and conflict over love.  What you crave, what you think, becomes what you do.  And as long as the world continues to swallow itself up, the cycle continues.

Then what is the solution?

You have free will.  It means that you decide as a world, a galaxy and a universe what you do with it.  I am the end of the journey, the place of rest and peace.

Fat lot of help you are!  Will this world ever be at peace?

When the ants become the next dominant species.

Wonderful.  I have to go to work tomorrow and doubt I’ll have more than 4 hours sleep after this.  Can’t I have one peaceful dream where everyone is happy and no one is at war?

The princess in your dream is still alive, the people who gave her a home haven’t harmed her.  What do you think the message was?

That in order to defeat those who are trying to swallow you up you have to annihilate everyone but the cowards?

You’re getting there slowly.  In another 50,000 years you might just become an enlightened sentience.

With my luck, I’ll be an ant when that happens.