Question Insanity


As I sit at my desk drinking tea out of something that isn’t a styofoam cup (ok, so it’s corning ware), I contemplate questioning insanity.  

It’s so easy to say, “You’re crazy!” but it seems to me that “crazy” has a wicked bell curve that ranges from dressing your 4 year old like a hooker to win a beauty contest for money and fame to forcing your 4 year old to wear a covering from head to foot and executing her if she shows an ankle.


One of the tamer pictures that wouldn’t be skirting the edge of child pornography

Married off at the age of 9











Here are a few bits and pieces of insanity that whole countries and cultures never thought of as insane:

  • Romans drinking out of lead cups
  • Female Genital Mutilation (it’s still the rage in Africa and the middle east)
  • Foot binding (popular for 10 centuries and stopped in the 1950’s)
  • Corsets creating a 17 inch waist 
  • Genghis Khan style diplomacy (kill millions, then offer freedom of religion and free trade).
  • Adolph Hitler diplomacy (kill millions without offering freedom of religion and free trade).
  • Overpopulation (having 20 children in a 3rd world country so that 19 can starve to death.  Usually occurs in cultures where women are enslaved and unable to tell their husbands to go to hell).
  • Refusing to question cultural norms
  • Thinking that white bread has any nutritional value at all

Think outside the rubber room and help me add to this list of cultural insanity.  I’ll create another post with your answers and a link to your blog site.

I invite you to add to this list as a reply.