The best way to be lost


All right!  I admit it!  I’m lost in the virtual forest called “Social Media.”

It all started when I tried to find an agent for my first book, Atto Run.   One of the websites said (paraphrased according to the way it hit me at the time)  

“If you don’t have a platform of over 400, we’re not going to look at your book.”

“Platform?  What’s a platform?”  I’d wondered.

 I remembered platform shoes in the 1970’s.  I remembered the lying SOB politicians who had platforms.  

Nothing good ever came from a platform.

Upon further investigation into the websites video’s, a strange word hit me like a virtual hammer.


“What the hell is a blog?!”  I yelled at my Windows XP screen.  

It said nothing.

That was 3 years ago, during a time when I naively believed that no one could possibly not like my book.  

Even back then, I was a very negative person.

In a positive sort of way.

So I asked my friend, Kayuk, “What’s a blog?”

She referred me to her blog, “Where Do I Go From Here.”

“I’ll help you start one,”  Kayuk said.

“I can’t!  I just…can’t!  I mean, I don’t know how and I…I…just…just…can’t!”  I replied vigorously.  “I’ll never find 400 people who want to read my swill!”

“We’ll start one together,”  Kayuk said.  “I’ll walk you through it.”

There’s “walking” with someone and then there’s carrying the entire load.  She virtually held my hand every step of the way, guiding me past the rough spots.  She was there through every meltdown, edited a maze of ideas, and led the cheering squad during each milestone.

Kayuk and I have over 4600 readers and a multitude of friends we’ve gathered along our virtual travels. By the time my WordPress anniversary date comes around again, I’ll have 1000 posts erected along this journey through a forest of ideas. 

I’m still lost, and will always be lost in cyberspace.  I struggle daily, trying to keep a balance between friendships and book promotion.  Yet the one thing I’m absolutely sure about is the decision to become an Indie author.

After the first 400 readers, I abandoned all hope of finding a publisher or agent for my books.  

There are seasoned authors out there who were once represented by agents and publishing houses.  Some have chosen the Indie path voluntarily.  Others were cut off from the herd when ebooks became the norm and not the exception.

In abandoning the search for an agent and a publisher, I found an editor and CreateSpace.  I found friends in cyberspace and most importantly I found purpose.

So there you have it.  Yes, I’m lost in the virtual forest called “social Media.” Yes, I’ll continue making mistakes, stumbling blindly along the pathway as I entertain some people and enrage others…but…

I’m not alone!

There are others out there struggling to find our way and, through blogging, we’re finding each other.


…to every reader who is walking with us along the journey.