The Gratitude Challenge


TWO REASONS TO BE GRATEFUL: My boys (Laid-back coon cats the size of terriers).

Susie Speaks

reblogged a post from

Journey to Ambeth

that challenged readers to,  

“…write about something for which I’m grateful.”

It’s so easy to be the grand marshal of my own personal pity parade and I have no doubt that others have marched in their own version of this macabre parade, too.  At the end of each day, I (try to) do a quick gratitude review.

  • Although I live in a dog house and the dogs just let me live here, 70% of the world doesn’t live as well as I do.  That, in itself, proves I have 70% more reasons to be grateful than not.

Whether I deserve more or less, I am grateful for 

…a house with a roof that keeps out the rain

…a job that I love

…working with the best people in the world

…a computer that spins me into the blog-o-sphere where I’ve made more friends I’ve never met than I ever thought possible

…enough to eat and clothes to wear

…every spring, summer and fall that I can walk out the door at dusk to take in the scent of 4 O’clock flowers, a scent I love better than roses.

…what’s left of my sight, a great sense of smell, 2 arms and legs that work, and a mind that’s not-quite-right in all the ways that help me write.

and, most of all

I’m grateful for all of the people in my life who have supported my writing obsession from the very beginning.  Without you, I’d have no blog and no book.

I challenge you to a Gratitude duel and look forward to reading your answers.