Cat thoughts


Why are humans so annoying?

Mine likes to find my favorite ‘alone’ spots and flash a light at me.  Aren’t there other words in human language besides, “awwwww isn’t that cute?”


Why doesn’t she understand Cat-speak?  

If I wanted a foot next to me, I’d lay down on it.  

If I wanted food, I’d stalk her until she opened the can.  

If I wanted a treat, I’d nuzzle the package until she opened it, and if she didn’t get the message…


…pitiful cuteness gets it across every time.  That, and a meow like fingernails down a chalkboard through a megaphone.

My brother has a different approach to the human problem.



He’d rather sleep on it…and anything she happens to be working on at the time.

Some days, we’re forced to take a more “in your face” approach.

cat scan


If a tail on her keyboard doesn’t scream “pet me,” my foot on her mouse usually gets through to her.  

Eventually our human gets the idea, but she can be so infuriatingly dense at times.