Insomnia LIES

The effects of sleep depravation on the human mind are varied and many.  After getting to bed around 2am, the Fat White Dog and the Dingo Mutt were book ends next to me from the moment my head hit the pillow until around 8am.

But the reason I awoke had nothing to do with the fact that several times during the night I sprung upward feeling as if 2 furnaces were heating my legs.  Noooo….I awoke to 68 pounds of emotionally charged, over-happy Fat White Dog burrowing her head into my jugular vein while using the weight of her body like a battering ram.  


What does the sleep-deprived human do?  My mind immediately went into the not-quite-right zone.

I’ve decided that I suffer from Love Inflicted Emotional Syndrome.  This debilitating, sometimes fatal, and often traumatic affliction (LIES) will make it impossible to whap a much-too-happy dog who is trying to kill you with her joy.  

LIES will make you want to die when the one you love leaves you for another significant other.  But believe me when I tell you this:   To die because of LIES is not worth it.

You can find LIES creeping into the little things in life, like the cat purring on your lap and nuzzling your hand until you remember it’s 1/2 hour past his feeding time.  LIES will reside so deeply in the heart that you’ll stay in bed petting the world’s cutest cat (or dogs) and then tell your boss that you were late to work because you had a flat tire.   LIES will induce you into awwww immobilization as you watch your cat drink the Ensure out of the cup on your desk.

cat drink water

Well, that’s todays foray into insomnia hell.  Hope you enjoyed my explanation about LIES. 

Time to go.  Gotta feed the cat.