Cottage For Sale – Final Part


“Jesus, James! I think the old man is serious!” (soto voice)

Then a woman spoke up, “Well, I don’t care if he gives it away, which he practically is doing. I won’t go up there. I hate rodents of any kind.”

“Come on Kelly, where will we ever find another place we could afford. Why, at that price, we can have the whole three acres fumigated to kill the mice and we won’t even have a mortgage. If we don’t like the place we can sell it at a huge profit.”

As they discuss the purchase among themselves I pray they will buy the cottage. A claw caresses my ear. It’s a threat and a promise. A threat – what will happen to me if they don’t buy; a promise – a new family in exchange for my family’s freedom.. if they buy.

But what if this isn’t what the monsters want either? I think of my lost toes and foot, look down at the empty space below my left knee, and wonder what they’ll take next.