Cottage For Sale – Part 9


“Betty, swears we brought one of them back with us.”

“She may be right. I saw a tiny scar behind her ear the other day when I was bathing her. For the past five years I’ve thought she was going senile, but now I’m not so sure. According to David there are a number of chemicals that would cause symptoms similar to senility if injected in small doses over a period of time.”

There has been no talking from the other end of the line since the first few paragraphs of my story. I would think they hung up if it wasn’t for the occasional gasp or cough. It’s time for the final question so I close the story.

“Lately I haven’t had such a great memory myself, and there’s a sore spot behind my left ear. I want to sell that place before I get too bad to make sure the buyer hears my story. Are you still interested in the cottage?”

I hear several people clear their throats and the buzz of conversation in the background. Too many voices for me to pick up individual words. Then the voice of the original caller speaks up louder than the rest, “How much are you asking for the place Gramps?”

“Well,” I said, “it’s just an hour drive from the city, it’s three acres on a lake with natural forest and glens all around…and is infested with mice. $1.00 should do it.”

“Jesus, James! I think the old man is serious!” (soto voice)

Continued tomorrow… 8:00 am EST.