Cottage For Sale – Part 7

“I left them there and went back to Betty and the kids.”


“I don’t know what made me think of it but I took Billy aside and examined his head and neck. There, hidden in the hair behind his ear, I found what I was looking for. A tiny scar that loked old and fresh at the same time. Something that could be caused by a mouse tooth or claw. Something that could be done over and over without drawing attention. I examined the two other kids and found the same mark in the same place and after questioning them for a few minutes they all admitted that the mice had been sticking a back claw under the skin in that sensitive area and digging it in whenever they wanted to control what the kids did.”

“Now the anger was burning in me! I wanted those little bastards dead and sooner was definitely better. Their mother had listened and seen the scars with me. She had the look of a woman possessed. We took the kids to the car and locked them in. We told them that under no circumstances were they to unlock the door and get out unless we told them to, then we went to their room for the mice.”

“The cage was empty.”

Continued tomorrow… 8:00 am EST.