Cottage For Sale – Part 6


“We all almost jumped out of our skins!”

“Betty and I ran to the kids’ room. Angie was petting poor Buffy’s bloody body and ranting something about piebald. Once we got her and the boys calmed own we took Buffy outside and had a good look at her. There were puncture wounds on each side of her nose as if some small animal had clamped the nostrils shut and there was a long chewed gash across her throat. That’s where all the blood came from.”

“Then I remembered Angie saying she saw Piebald sitting on Buffys head when she woke up. I checked the mouse cage and the door was locked. But the weird thing was, there was a tiny bloody mouse footprint just inside the cage. Even as I saw it the white mouse ran over and licked it clean. Then it ran back over and joined the other two in the middle of the cage. The three of them sat up on their back legs and chittered to each other for a few seconds then looked at me and all three bared their teeth at the same time. It was so grotesque and shocking that I took a step back.”

“I checked the lock on the door and when I did the mice watched. Then they started to laugh. That’s the only way I can describe it. They watched me and they started to laugh. The locking mechanism was working fine so I checked the rest of the cage. The little mutant bastards were still in it and they continued to laugh.”

“Looking down at the mice I remembered thinking back on the way our not-genious kids had somehow, all by themselves, figured out how to train three different mice to do pretty much the same tricks. It had been amazing to our visitors and they couldn’t get enough of it. Now it seemed creepy. I was beginning to wonder what trained who.”

“I stood up and they all stopped laughing and watched me. I picked up the cage and placed it with its little door next to the wall. If they were getting out through the door they would have to either move the whole cage back or move the wall. They just watched me.”

“I left them there and went back to Betty and the kids.”

Continued tomorrow… 8:00 am, EST.