Cottage For Sale – Part 4


“We were so proud of the kids.”

“The way they trained those mice was nothing short of amazing and soon after we got them the mice were going everywhere with the kids. They would sit on the shoulder of their respective kid and seem to be talking to the kids. Soon they would even ride on the kids’ heads.”

“Daniel’s little piebald mouse got real good at hiding in his pocket and jumping out at opportune moments to scare all the girls. Daniel thought this was great and we all had a good time with it for a while. Until it hid in his pocket and jumped out while we were having lunch at McDonald’s one day. We were banned from the resaturant, Daniel was confined to his room for a week, and if any of the kids had their mouse off the property for the next month I didn’t hear about it.”

“Anyway, that summer we took them to the cottage. Our cottage is over a mile from the nearest road. You have to open a locked gate, drive down a long, winding, hilly, single lane drive, across a cattle gate, and on to the property. Between the two gates there are usually a dozen half-wild cows that sometimes chase and sometimes run from the car. It’s a very private spot on a small, very private lake and we rarely got visitors – never without warning.”

“The year the mice went up with us Billy was 14, Angie was 12 and Daniel was 11. Buffy was a happy, healthy 13 years old.”

“Buffy never liked the mice.”

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