What the not-quite-right-mind thinks about

Joshua Tree red flowers

  • Do cacti have a soul?  If a couple of them die and they become ghosts, are they a prickly pair?
  • Some people go to extreme measures for sexual gratification.  Why did male circumcision really start?  Was it because the desert sands mixing with smegma in the foreskin ruined his pleasure?  
  • I looked out from the desert toward the East this morning around 6am and saw 3 short lines reaching for the sky.  The other 2 disappeared and the 3rd one kept going upward.  My first thought was… I’m not the only one who’s out there.  Unfortunately, there’s a difference between being spaced out and being out in space.
  • If a dog farts and no one is there to smell it, does it really stink?


  • I finally figured out what my sister’s cat is trying to say when he wails at the door…”me-out, me-out.”


  • And for the final cut-d-grass,  I was clearing out the people on twitter that  I follow but who don’t follow me (need the room so I can follow others) & just about to push the button on  @PhilTorcivia when I spotted this: …”I’m one relationship disaster away from a third cat.”  I just HAD to write this to him:   Was about 2 unfollow when I read ur 3rd cat comment. Laughed so hard! I’ve 4dogs,3cats &5th hubby(w/me 20 yrs) he had 40 cats (when we met).

Hope you enjoyed traveling through the not-quite-right-mind.  Don’t buckle your seat belt on this trip.  It won’t save you from the ghosts of cacti past.

The (more) normal 1/2 of Two On A Rant will be posting a short story series during the next 10 days.   But I’ll be posting, too.  Hey!  2 for the price of 1!  Who knew?