“New and Improved” SUCKS!

eatingkeyboardI’ll start this out by saying, “I love WordPress.”  I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t 1/2 blind and (for the most part) computer illiterate. 

Just a mere 2 days ago, I enjoyed the versatility of the old WordPress create-a-new-post page.

Will someone tell me why a perfectly good system had to be ruined?

Every fractalling time I want to preview changes, I can’t just hit “preview.”  Nooooo…it has to make another draft.  Does that mean the 15 times I want to change 1 letter, it’s going to send a draft into cyberspace?  I’ll find out the minute I hit the “publish” button.  (UPDATE:  I found out)

So far, here’s what I’ve learned:

  • I can choose any tag I want—as long as I’ve used it before.
  • Colors can be changed, but text seems to select itself–and not where I want the colors to go.
  • In order to get the scroll down to work right, I need a microscope to see the lettering on the screen.  This system is not user friendly for people who need to see lettering at 16 font.
  • I can have any font size I want, just not where I’m trying to change it. Where it chooses to highlight is as unpredictable as the path of a tornado.
  • The “new and improved” stats page doesn’t work.  At all.  And when I try to access the old stats page, the screen freezes.
  • Never set your browser for “Refuse cookies” and then try to access WordPress.  

There used to be a place where I could choose the classic version, but no more. 

Unless someone can tell me why this new post creator is better than the old one, I give it 1 out of 5 stars (with 1 being a miserable excuse for an “improvement” and 5 being an actual improvement).

Please excuse me while I eat my keyboard out of frustration…

(UPDATE:  I had to access another browser that already had the “old and most useful” system on it. NOW I can change colors and actually edit.  Excuse me while I throw away the remains of my last keyboard and eat this one.)