For reasons of which I am not able to comprehend, some of my poems have become an exploration station rather than the humor I usually post. 

  • Perspectivity (The perspective of infinity.  Yes, my mind made that up and said it was the perfect description.)  &
  • The Road of Life

are 2 of them.

The muse for this poem is my blogging buddy, Vickie. 


We are the trunk fighting the treetop battling the sky.

In our frailties of thought

we attribute all our ills to





Ignoring the human desire to steep

in the traditions created around either/or<<<<to foster war, genocide, gendercide>>>>

we pick, pick, pick at a minutia until it festers and bleeds, but all around us

is a universe we’re not exploring

simply because we can’t

get past::::::::::::::::::::ourselves.