The Floridian way

My friend, Linda sent me this picture of her son’s back yard.  He moved up north from Florida…and I don’t mean Georgia.  Georgia is simply “up north.”  Connecticut is “Way, way up north” and Canada is “just south of the North Pole.”

In South Florida, the seasons are Summer, Summer, Summer and Spring.  In North Florida,  our seasons are Spring, Summer, Spring and Fall.”  On rare occasions, we have the Northerner’s equivalent of early December (The panic we experience would make a Canadian laugh).

Every day of the year, someone is outside cooking lusciously-scented meats and veggies.  It’s especially aromatic during football season.

In other words; in Florida, barbecuing is a year-round event.  


During barbecue season, you can take a Floridian out of Florida, but you just can’t take Florida out of the Floridian.