Parasite vs Sunlight


Woke up with a hog dog in my bed, and these words in my head:  

Sunlight, parasites and birds of paradise.

(You’d think my brain could at least get the song(s) right).

And the following dialogue:


Parasite:  “What am I forgetting?”

Sunlight:  “Love.”

Parasite:  “The only hell is the one here on Earth”

Sunlight:  “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find…”

Parasite:  “I need…I want…I must have…”

Sunlight:  “I’m shining.   Shining makes me happy.”

Parasite:  “When I find the right person…place…thing…I’ll be happy.”

Sunlight:  “I see the delicate white flower rising above the soil in the junkyard.”

Parasite:  “Another weed?  Where did I put the Roundup?”

Some days, being a writer just SUCKS!

I prefer the dreams where dinosaurs are trying to eat me.