Random Thoughts of a Sleep Deprived Insomniac


My daughter at age 3 1/2 contemplating that strange entity with the dark glasses called “mom.”

Yes!  Another reblog.  This one is from July 2013.  It describes what I feel like at this moment.  Still trying to think…or thinking to try…or listing to left (or as my husband would say…”NO!  Your OTHER left!”


Ever have one of those times when you want to punch something but you can’t because you’d hurt yourself and everyone would laugh?
Ever have one of those times when you’re almost asleep and the fires of Vesuvius start pouring over your face–then your eyes pop open and there’s a dog mouth panting at your nose?
Ever wonder who thought it was a great idea to drown perfectly good fruit in sugar and boil it to death until it turned to jelly?  The first dentist?   No…he’s the one who thought it would be a great idea to put that glow-in-the-dark poison called fluoride into toothpaste and call it cavity prevention.
Hmmm…maybe jelly isn’t so bad after all.
Ever wonder why you can be so tired you can’t think, but the minute you lay in bed it’s impossible to fall asleep without Nyquil?  Nyquil….what a nice name for a dog.
These are the random thoughts of a person with insomnia as she debates whether or not she should gently push the dog away from her face and get out of bed.
Why can’t I fall asleep as easily as a child? Why did I get out of bed at 1:15am and why did I think it was a good idea to eat watermelon?   It’s 2am.   I know better than to eat fresh fruit!  Do I have a death wish?
Yep, as my granddaughter would say, “Everything’s great in dumb-dumb world.”
My daughter (yes the little beauty pictured above) used to say, “I do it my own ‘elf.”  It was cute until you got hit in the shin with a wooden clog wielded by a child who could kick a soccer ball across a field and make it look like she’d lightly tapped it.   She was such an angel when she was asleep.
Well–the dogs are performing a snoring concerto around my desk.  Why can’t I simply annoy a human until I’m tired or scratch at my ear and fall asleep?
Probably for the same reason I can’t chew on my tail.