Half-baked dreaming

This, I can eat. I can't eat a country.

This, I can eat.
I can’t eat a country.

Doesn’t it just BITE when you dream about cookies in the shape of countries and none of them are right?

There I was, looking at the USA on a cookie sheet and only 1/2 of it was there.  From what I could tell, everything in a line from Southern California to Texas To Georgia was missing.  

Then there was Canada.  British Columbia was divided into 2 provinces and the only thing I can remember about the northern one was that it had waves of black icing and the word “commonwealth.”  From the way the cookie was cut, it looked like the province was ripped away from the rest of Canada and was now between the ocean and an inland sea.

I have no idea where Alaska or the Yukon went off to. 

Except for the fact that I didn’t take a bite out of any of them and had no appetite for cookies, that’s all I remember.

Just once I’d like to dream about something that makes sense.

That’s probably too much to ask.