Living with dogs and cats


Excellent example of pitiful don’t-you-love-me-? eyes. This dog loves to ride.


When living with cats and dogs I have learned… 

…that Styrofoam cups may be expedient, but it’s harder for a cat to push 20 ounces of tea&honey onto my keyboard if it’s in a ceramic mug. 

…that when a dog is hell-bent on fighting with another dog over a microscopic scrap of milkbone, my hand is not made out of steel.

…that when a cat is ready for breakfast you’re going to get up, even if the only thing you accomplish is to throw his @$$ out.


…dogs know when you’re trying to leave the house without them.  As you sneak toward the living room they’re waiting in front of the door with pitiful don’t-you-love-me-? eyes.

Cats are persistent.

Dogs guilt you to death.

If I have to choose which way to die, I’d rather be persisted to death.

I’ve said it many times over, and I’ll say it again…

…I live in a dog house and the dogs just let me live here.