Not the smartest rat in the maze


Coon Cat exploring his territory

All right. Here I am again, God, typing in the dark.  I have my green tea with mint, a block of Muenster cheese, and a drenched Coon cat on my lap.  I think this rat is ready to try the maze again.

Don’t tell me…you want to know if life is just a digital construct.

You know me too well.

There’s a reason for that.

I’m just trying to find answers, but all I get are weird dreams, though I have to admit the last one was funny.  I woke up laughing, but don’t remember what it was about.

You needed a little comic relief.

Why is it that the most memorable dream I’ve had in 20 years is the one about spirit guides, who don’t like me, living on top of a mountain in a building that looked like one of the wings in that hell I called Junior High School?

It’s not that they don’t like you, it’s that you’re trying to move up to higher levels too fast.

Did they have to throw me down the mountainside with a million old shoes?

You said you wanted a sole.

Not funny!  I was soul searching, not sole searching.  What the hell is the matter with you?

You’re just too touchy.

I don’t like to be touched, unless it’s a cat or a dog.

You used to like it.

I used to be able to sleep on a waterbed, too, and at one time I had more than 100 strands of hair left on my scalp, and at one time I actually had a butt, and…

Let’s get back to the reason you’re typing in the dark with a wet cat soaking your lap.

It’s raining and he rarely wants to be in my lap. Poor little guy is purring as he soaks up the warmth.

Your cat is the size of a Scottish Terrier.

When he’s cold, wet and miserable, he’ll always be a kitten to me.

You’ve made an art out of digression.  Back to whether the universe is a digital construct.  Think about it this way:  When people couldn’t see above the clouds, God was in the clouds.  When people couldn’t see past the stars, God was in the stars.  Then there were the ones who thought the earth was flat and you’d fall off if your ship reached the edge.  Now humans are getting the idea of what it means to be the Alpha and the Omega, but still you have to put God into a concept you can understand.  You understand computers—well, not you but people who like working with computers.

So you’re saying that we believe God is whatever we are capable of understanding at the time?

I think there’s hope for you yet.

S#!T.   Coon cat stole the rest of my cheese.  When did that happen?

I never said you were the smartest rat in the maze.

This rat is about to leave the maze and lop off another hunk of cheese…once coon cat wakes up.

Good choice.