Back to the ’80’s

Dear Lydia,

In honor of your upcoming birthday, I’m about to publish pictures of you when you were 2 and 3 years old.  I tried to weed out most of the embarrassing photos of you and your brother (the professor).

First, we’ll start with 1979.

Grandmommy and Granddaddy are in an Illinois campground on their way to see their grandchildren:

1979 mom's pix grands

The all-steel frame on their Mobilux motor home was rare at the time.  Still, when you have to dispose of the waste, it all smells the same whether you’re in a winnebago or a veritable mansion.

As usual, grandmommy arrived flashing a camera and didn’t stop taking pictures until she left.  Unfortunately, the photo finishing techniques of that era didn’t hold up over time–and the picture below is one of the best of the lot:

1979 mom's pix R-L-A

Lest you forget what your backyard looked like in Wisconsin for the 2 month summer, here it is before I bought the swingset and put it together for you.  A.S. is in white, you’re running ahead of her in red, and your brother found a bug to play with.  I’m amazed he didn’t become an entomologist. 

1979 mom's pix piggyback

You’ve commandeered me for a piggy back ride…again.  One of your favorite things!  I wasn’t happy when grandmommy’s camera caught me by surprise.  There’s nothing like a migraine after a flash of light.

Now we’ll go forward to 1980.  

The mobilux traveled to California to see your Aunt Bobby, who is modeling the sweater that grandmommy made her.  You can see by her face just how much she really, really wanted it.  Someday, just for fun, ask Aunt Bobby if she knows where she put that sweater. 

1980 moms pix BL

Next, your grandparents went home and tended the garden. Granddaddy, at the age of 70, shows off his sweet potatoes.

1980 moms pix garden1

It’s bathtime (for no particular reason)!

1980 moms pix bath1

Followed by…

1979 mom's pix R-L1

The professor is pretending to be a Jedi knight.  You are being…well…Lydia.

Now for the grand finale!  It’s 1981.  Lydia’s 3rd birthday party!!!!

First, a little playtime with dad …

1981 dad-lydia


…and a granddaddy who was 2 months away from turning 71. (You were in the 1/2 basement/recreational area of our tri-level home. the bed is for guests or when there was a tornado warning).

1981 grandpa

Then there’s the cake staring contest.

1981 moms' pix cake


Followed by sharing the cake (not as much fun as staring at it).

1981 moms' pix sharing

And lest you forget what Wisconsin was like in February,

1981 playing in snow Feb

or that you once had the highest slide in the neighborhood….

1981 playing in snow 001

you might want to remember how much granddaddy hated driving in snow.  He arrived at the doorstep complaining about losing control of their 25 foot motor home, sliding down the ramp to the expressway and being damned lucky there wasn’t any traffic.  Grandmommy wasn’t listening.  She was too busy taking pictures of you and your brother.  

Love,  Mom