Poetry War – The Joy of Christmas Visitors

airplaneToday I picked up an old and dear friend at the airport in Gainesville, FL. He’s here for a week of visiting and seeing the sites in Orlando, however, interspersed among the fun trips I have a few planned outings for him from my own agenda.

I think he’ll have fun helping out at the Children’s Christmas Party that my women’s group puts on each year for the underpriviledged youngsters in the area. It’s a great chance to give back to the community and make the day for a room full of kids.

Since he’s a sound engineer and I have some audio equipment that I have no idea how to set up, I’m hoping that he can help me figure out out whether I should set up the surround sound system in my humble abode or if I should just sell it. The quality is high and I appreciate good sound so I’m hoping he gives the thumbs up to a home system. 

Last but not least are two days helping me sell things at the flea market. After all, I was barely able to clear the sofa off for him to sleep on and make room for his suitcase. Without help selling excess ‘stuff’ at the flea market I won’t have room for the Christmas gifts he’s planning to purchase for friends back home. 

In any case, my greatest joy is having a friend to talk to and share time with for a whole week. It’s a better Christmas gift than I could have ever thought of for myself.

The Joy of A Christmas Visitor

Companionship, warmth,
conversation, shared meals,       
Friendship gives life depth.

Trust, dedication
Memories of special times.
Friendship colors life.