Poetry War – Condensation


Have you ever lived


in a small, constricted space?


Have you found that, due to circumstances beyond your control, you have to somehow make space for more things to fit into the already cramped space you call home? 


The final frontier has not sounded better, 
if I must make space for just one more sweater
I’ll burst like a bubble, apart at the seams;
yes these days each night my favorite dreams
of more space, big windows and fewer posessions
leave smiles on my face and happy impressions
but then I awake to my same dark, cramped place
and I swear that I’m going to kick up the pace
to get rid of junk and find a bright home
where I have acres and acres to roam
complete with garage, a garden and bird house
where I can plant vegetables, maybe have grouse,
so I search through the listings for some kind of job,
I plan ‘surprise’ meetings where I can hob-nob
with those who are lacking and need expertise
but, at the last moment, I can’t find my keys
or my truck just won’t crank and time slips away
until it’s too late to drive there today;
but now I’ve come up with a whole new plan,
I’ve thought long and hard and now understand
that I can have everything I’ve ever wanted
if I keep eyes forward, don’t let me get daunted
by those who say, ‘You don’t want to do that!’
instead I’ll move forward in my ‘CAN DO!’ hat,
knowing, without doubt, that I can succeed
if I just don’t give up, give in, or concede.
By Kayuk