Poetry War – Why Does Time Pick On Me?

I have overloaded expectations

of time allowed for each day and now, here I am, a day late and a dollar short getting my poem for Day 6 of Poetry Wars entered, ARGH!!

That means…I have to write TWO poems in the next 15 minutes! ARGH!

Time Can’t Be Trusted 

father timeTime’s a many splendored thing
that sneaks past all and with it brings

a strong taste of anxiety
then takes off on devil’s wings.

Another day has come and gone.
Can’t Time just leave me alone?
I’m losing all my sanity
and feel I’m in a combat zone!

Now the days are falling fast
with shorter hours that don’t last.
But I’ll not go down quietly,
I think Time’s roll has been miscast.

For Time’s supposed to be my friend,
to guard my back and to defend;
to make sure my reality
lasts until the very end.

But these days Time has turned his back
I think he has a total lack
of faith or generosity
and Christmas Day will likely stack

among the other holidays
that all have found their lonely ways
to wait in darkenss quietly
till I can get past my delays.

It seems like there’s always something that comes flying in out of left field to derail my forward momentum and throw me off track to one side or another. Hopefully I make it to Christmas on time this year.