Poetry War: Bounty

Good thing I was up at 3am.  I just found out that Kayuk read my post, scheduled for 6am, and used underhanded tactics to beat me to a haiku on deliciousness.  

Of all the things she picked off the topical fruit tree, did it have to be CHOCOLATE? Not only is she crabby,  she’s a crabby absconder of previously penned thoughts!

This is low, Kayuk…even for you!  Admit it.  

You know I wrote this hours before you even thought about today’s blog post!  

Look what you’ve done.  I’m now hungry for chocolate covered orange wedges!

You’re in hot chocolate water Kayuk!



I thought it was time to take a step away from crabby Vickie and focus on what’s delicious in life.  Above is a picture of the orange tree in my front yard.

<_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_> <_><_><_><_><_><_>

Halo around her,

she reaches toward the sun

filling her hunger.


Fruit, juicy and sweet,

liquid sunlight freshly squeezed

 brightens the morning.