Poetry War: What I want for Christmas

horsebarnKayuk, you’re one to talk.  You live in a barn!

You don’t just have cat hair in your soup, you have dog hair, hay and possibly microscopic bits of horse manure.




Today’s poem  is about

what I want for Christmas.




T’was only 50 years ago

my parents sold their home

to buy a thing called Mobilux,

the continent to roam.


While wintering beside a shed

my parents, over time,

began to build another home

by penny and by dime.

opr15-Bobby Le Dempsey 1980 001

With 7 years of traveling

the first floor finished then,

they moved into their new abode,

and promptly settled in.


My father died the very year

the second floor was done,

my mother passing 7 years

from mowing in the sun.


When I moved in, I brought with me,

A household full of  stuff,

then husband number 5 moved in,

with things more than enough!


But then his mother passed away,

his sister moved in later,

and by the time all this was done,

our stuff could fill a freighter.


For years I’ve asked my family

Please come and get the papers,

the china and the telescope,

the crystal and the vases.


The magazines and instruments

the music and the books

the dressers, desks and other things

in crannies and in nooks.


What do I want for Christmastime?

What I’ve asked every year.

Please rent a big old honking truck

and move stuff out of here!