…and the winner is…


We would like to start
by sending our profound thanks to all of our readers who took the time to comment on our posts throughout the Poetry War.

As writers
we often bare our souls and our innermost feeling to you and your comments mean more to us than you will ever know. Many days a thoughtful comment can shake us out of a low mood and put meaning back into our lives. After all, when someone takes the time to write a comment it’s a sign that they were truly touched in some way by our words. More than once a comment has given me a reason to go on to the next poem or story…or even a reason just to go on.

You are all amazing  
people and we appreciate every single comment you make. However, there was one comment in particular that bared someone else’s soul–the ultimate tribute to a writer–and it is to this writer that we pay tribute today.



For her poignant, heartfelt comment on Kayuk’s post “POETRY WAR– Fighting Depression.”

Trust me, you are not alone. I battle the Beast daily. Sometimes it takes every bit of energy to pull myself out of this bed.

I know I have great talents, value, love and a roof over my head and food at my table. But even then I am missing the joy and peace in life.

I want less in my life, and as I go from month to month I find myself letting go of more. It’s as if I am preparing for the end, letting go so as not to burden others.

I dread that soon the days will grow shorter, cooler and the vibrancy of color will be deadened by a new season.

My hobbies dwindle, and I search to find something to take their place, and yet I realize that this vacuum has consumed my very soul. I’ve grown weary of Arab uprisings, civil wars and tribal conflicts. When Ebola was on the doorstep in Dallas I never feared it’s presence, but prayed that we would not succumb to pointing fingers. I look at Ferguson, Missouri and I remind myself that there will be no rest for those who feel cheated by life’s condemnations. It angers me that I am blamed for something that came long before me. I am angered by the number of illegals that enter the State of Texas daily. Angry that our family owes thousands of dollars in college loans, yet an illegal can go to college free of charge.

I’m angry. Frustrated, and yet I will allow no one to grab my glass that is half full. I give thanks for my fathers 30 years of military service to this country, my brothers 21 years, and my mother’s brothers 30 years. All three of them retired with high military honors. So, my anger is justified, my depression is real. We live in a country that allowed a puppet into the office of the Presidency so that others could financially seek their own agenda. But when all is said and done there is no one that can take away my truth. No suicide bomber, no ISIS, no disgusting, disjointed political system that has failed to act FOR the people of this Nation, but only for themselves. A spirit may be wounded, but even an injured eagle soars. Money and power are empty houses in a land of those united in lifting one another up.

Someone asked me just this afternoon, “How does someone believe that killing innocent people is justified?” I told my friend I had no answer and then I added one more note, “I hope I never understand the mind of a terrorist.”

Never give up hope. Wake each day determined to give a sincere smile to another human. Apologize when you have wronged someone, and treat yourself with respect when you have been mistreated. Lift your voice and speak your truth. Don’t shove the pain further inside yourself, turn it into a gift worthy of receipt. Use your words to empower and lift others that are tired and weary. Go forward doing good. We hurt because of the pain we see inflicted upon others. Shower your world with hope. It will be returned ten-fold, actually it will be so great that you will have no need to count it’s blessing. They will reign and lift life’s burdens.

We’re contacting Tom at catsatthebar.org. He’ll send the T-Shirt directly to it’s new owner!

Thanks again from the Two on a Rant,

Kayuk & FloridaBorne