Poetry Wars – My Friends Are Aliens

My Friends Are Aliens


Why is it that I often can’t figure out what’s on my mind until it’s too late?
When will I learn the difference between what is real and what is not?
Will there ever be a time when I will recognize truth in time for it to make a difference?

shapeshifterIn the past I loved so much that I was willing to live a lie for years of my life.
Does living a lie for so long fundamentally change a person, or am I still me?
If I’m not still me, who am I and how will I ever be able to tell the difference between us?

plannerSometimes I wake up in the morning with lots of activity planned for the day.
Often distracting things happen and I don’t cross anything at all off my list.
Should I keep that list and try again the next day, or should I write out a whole new list?

comedytragedy2Lately I’ve been laughing a lot and I feel myself loosening up from inside out.
Then I think too much and start to cry; I wonder if I’ll ever find consistency.
It’s kind of frightening and I keep waiting for the other shoe to slam into the top of my head.

alienpicnicMy friends and family all seem to be so normal when I see them and we talk.
Are they really like that, or have they been taken over by aliens from Neptune?
And if so, how can I tell? Should I build a Sky Ark and hide in space until their picnic is over?

communicationI have trouble understanding others…is that because we don’t think the same?
Or could it be because they speak on a frequency that just doesn’t compute?
Is there a ‘Communicating for Dummies’ book that will help me decipher their language?

driverhandbookI’ve read the Driver’s Handbook and I know the Rules of the Road in my area.
When I drive I see other people who don’t drive by the rules in the handbook.
Is there a newer version of the book that explains the rule changes? Where can I get one?

walmartiansThere are zoos being built all over the place now, even the hearts of the cities.
I don’t know where they’re getting all the new animals species to put on display.
And why are they letting them all run loose so they can congregate in places like Wal-Mart?

swamphouseThey must be short on space because subdivisions are being built over swamps.
People buy the houses but don’t seem to like the idea of water in the basement.
Maybe they should let the Neptune aliens buy those houses and they could use the bat cave.

aliens2Sometimes I stay up really late at night and I think I’m the only one still alive.
Then my email pings, I get a message from a blogger and know there’s another.
Can it be that WE are the real aliens and everyone else is still human? What’s with that??

  By Vickie Kayuk

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