Poetry War – What Is A Friend

Through the years I have had many acquaintances

that I have casually called ‘Friend’. Now that I’m older I realize that the word carries more meaning than ‘a person I see at work every day’ or ‘someone I knew in English Lit class’ or even ‘the kid who lived next door to me from birth until I married and left home’.

No, ‘Friend’ means a lot more than that. It’s someone who has your back no matter what. It’s someone you can call in the middle of the night when you can’t shake the blues and they will stay on the phone with you until morning if necessary. It’s someone who will listen to you cry, commiserate with you, then kick your ass to get you back on the right track.

I have been very fortunate in life to have true Friends who look out for me in spite of myself, who shield me from the bad in the world as best they can, who offer hugs and shoulders to cry on without judgement or recriminations, and who know they can count on the same from me. My Friends have given me a piece of their heart and soul to guard and protect, and I have given them pieces of mine in exchange.

To all of you, and you know who you are, I put this part of my heart and soul here for you to see and know that I love you all without reservation.

FriendsA Lifetime Of Friends

My first Friend wore boxing gloves across the ring from me.
Her brothers put them on our fists and bet on us, you see.
I knew the rules, I dropped mine first, they called me ‘Chicken Little’
but I smiled then and took her hand, unfazed by their belittle.

Years went by to high school life, and I met other girls;
some were tall, some were short and some of them had curls.
These outward looks held no big sway on how I cared for them,
more important than all that was: could I call them ‘Friend’?

More time passed and friends at last I found in other places,
times got dire and they were there with many warm embraces.
Sometimes friends are all that get you through hard times in life
they all join hands and take a stand to shield you from your strife.

My life changed, I moved away and had no friends nearby, 
but though I didn’t seek them out, new friends gathered nigh.
Now I look back, throughout my life, I’ve always been befriended
by those who offered strength and stood with helping hands extended.

True friends I’ve met and count them rare, one hand would hold them all,
but though I’ve lived for 60 years I know if I should call
each one would move the earth to help and I would do the same, 
for when you earn the title ‘Friend’ it’s more than just a name.

                                                     By Vickie Kayuk

I hope you all can look back on your life and name at least a few friends who would move the earth to help you if you needed it.