Poetry War–I say “green.” You say “red.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I say “green.”  You say read “red.”


It’s like trying to play a game of dodgeball with The Flash!


You ask what the heck you’re complaining about?  

We can’t not complain! Get over it!

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that the more you complain the longer God makes you live?

And…if that’s the case, we’ll both live to be over 100.

You’re not that much younger than me. Nothing like being a prisoner-of-war in the insane asylum called Earth for 45 more years of old age. What can you do to make the best of it? botanical garden

Why is it that when I fight with you

It’s not about how wrong you are…

or write…about your ingenuity?


Some days, you’re the question

and other moments, the answer…

the mirror of a 1950’s mentality.


Graduate to marriage and children,

or find a way to be underpaid

until then, never seeking your purpose.


Why is it that our social indigestion

began with princely disappointment,

finding solace in the pen, not the men?


In 4 words, you are energetic

ingenuity eloquently spoken;

a distillation of the promise inside you.


Go forth!  Sell life, hope, wisdom.

March onward toward conquering

the demons of culturalization.