Poetry War–college education indignation


…So then, if you insist…

let’s travel from the world of make believe 

and into the world of debt slavery.

Let me tell you what a college degree did for me!  My first fool full-time job after receiving a B.S. (aptly named) was RECEPTIONIST!  My boss had a high school education.

Here’s an eyeopener for you:  

Debt vs. get-a-job.

$40,000 average debt for bachelor’s degree.

$100,000 average debt for graduate degree.

$45,000 average salary after college graduation.

$40,000 average salary for a plumber.

$50,000 average salary for an electrician.

$10,000 average debt for vocational school.


You have experience!  That trumps high school!

From Bank of America to Mrs. Fields and Wendy’s,

they’re multi-millionaires today 

with barely a diploma nay

the chains of loan enslavement.

They’re unencumbered with a debt 

the size of a house payment.


You are an equestrian, with real estate experience

in Canada, I know that well

with skill and courage–I can tell

a college grad you may not be,

but you have quite a history!


You’re a radio announcer, a bookkeeper and writer

I also know, through watching you

that you are quite a fighter!

There’s 2 things excellent you do,

Articulate and sell, sell, sell,

so find your niche!  You’ll do it well.