Poetry War – Stuck in Cardboard Box Land

Well, since you’re so snarky about Mothers,

I guess you’ll have something to say about Cardboard Boxes too.

Have you ever had to DownSize?

What possesses us to do these things? Aliens?


Stuck in Cardboard Box Land

Photo of Cardboard Boxes

Good Grief!!

About a thousand years ago
I packed my house and moved.
Along with me I took my life
and lots of things I loved.

I put my things in storage then
and some how lost my way;
dust built up and bugs moved in
until there came a day

when my thoughs did a turn about
and I remembered back
on days of laughter, sparkling light;
those times were not so black.

So I searched about the house
and came across a key
that opened up the shuttered room
to eyes that now could see.

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall –
good grief! how could this be?
Boxes rose in towering stacks
belonging all to me.

Ten trips I made from here to there
with trailer loads of stuff,
I stacked boxes everywhere
but finding space was tough.

That was when I realized
there’s no space for it all
I have to cut my life to fit
Within these four new walls.