Poetry war–Just a rat

Soooo….you want to horse around with Limericks? You rat!  Top this with icing and a candle!

I’ll bet you can’t write a poem like this one!   I’ll get the (worst) poet of the year award yet!


At Christmas time I had to find

a gift my father wouldn’t break.

With 50 cents there wasn’t much…

Except a rat, meant for a snake.


The day I bought my dad The Rat

he shook his head and looked aghast

“Why the hell did you bring me THAT?”

“He was so cute,”  I said in jest.


“Cute, my ass!”  My father replied

My mother simply stood and sighed

She said,  “I’ll fetch that old bird cage,

No need to curse and rant and rage.”


Back at the university

I wondered where the rat might be

Still alive?  Dispatched with an axe?

Would my father EVER relax?


Just 3 months later, back at home,

A cage hung in the living room

It seemed to stand there all alone

I wondered how Rat met his doom.


My father smiled and said with joy

I have a treat, come here my boy

A tiny nose stuck through a space

to gently look into his face


He talked to it, not like before,

my father was so much at ease

and then he opened up the door

to hand the rat a piece of cheese.


A pet my father called “The Rat.”

was pampered like a Persian cat

and every month The Rat gained weight

I wondered what would be his fate.


My father grieved more than I knew

the day The Rat ceased to exist

for only mom, and very few

would know how much The Rat was missed.