Poetry War – The Limerick


A poem about my Mother is Cheating!?!

Now that’s just mean.

And because I can hear the Gods laughing I give you this:

The Gods Love Circles

tes1There once was a horse named Olivia
that couldn’t be bothered with Trivia.
“What’s THIS all about?”
she’d stamp and she’d shout,

She finally moved to Bolivia.

While there she ran into relations
who were having extended vacations.
To her great disdain
they continued the game
’till she fumed and had heart palpitatons.

So she kept moving on to Australia
where ships meet in full sail regalia,
but a big fat Cane Toad
hijacked her abode
for wild parties of rich bacchanalia.

She traveled in search of a new home
but didn’t want wood, stone or bright chrome
So onward she moved
in search of her groove
and in hopes of lush pastures with deep loam.

Over time she concluded her heart’s mate
was linked to the farm in her home state.
Go this way or that,
home’s right where it’s at.
Think first, don’t turn from your best fate.

By Vickie Kayuk