Poetry War – The Rules

Poetry RulesOK!! I accept the Poetry War Challenge!

The CHALLENGE  is Here!

The CHALLENGE is There!

The CHALLENGE is just about Everywhere!

No! That is NOT my poem…

Well, OK, it does have a certain flowing symmetry,
and boasts a hint of simplistic elegance……

But it is NOT my poetry submission!

First, there must be RULES….

1. It must be a poem by someone’s definition of POEM.
2. It does not have to rhyme.
3. It must be an original, never-before-published-anywhere-including-a-blog Poem. This is to keep me from cheating and copying poems from one of my other blog sites if I feel particularly uninspired.
4. First you, then me, then you, then me…..you must wait your turn to post on the Poetry War page even if the dog or cat wakes you in the middle of the night and you feel the unstoppable urge to write six Haiku’s about it, you can only post ONE of them on the Poetry War page.
5. In retaliation for Rule 4 I give you absolute and unlimited permission to call, poke, prod, bully, text, throw things, complain, be a nuisance, and even yell at me to get me motivated and keep me on track.

Just in Case 

you want to add some rules of your own…. forget it, you missed the meeting and Poetry War Rules are closed.

OK! Just stop it! I can’t stand it when you cry!

Alright already…you can add one rule if you must.