It occurs to me…


…as I eat yogurt and honey wondering about basic truth,

the land of milk and honey isn’t a place, it’s inside us.

listening to us calling to it from a jungled life, asking 

us to walk toward a tiny light that whispers,

“Here is your path, the guidance 

you asked.”


Open your mind past waves of want, past the world,

to embrace your gift.  Leave behind the questions,

the doubts. You drive the bus on the path of your life,

your eye on the love you experience. The possibilities–

not your pain or your addiction to pity or the need for



The truth, a diamond surrounded by rock,

needs only you to see it sparkling. 

The ‘knowing it is there’ of it.

Not the ‘how do I find’ of it,

No questions, no doubts,

until all that is left

Is thou.