Public Servants


Politicians, the parasitic insects, deceive.

A republic is never a democracy

A democracy is never equality

Equality is not the same as

equal work for equal pay.


Fines & taxes, the eggs of the parasitic insect, purport

to punish the rich and poor, but lunch money

for one is a month’s pay for the other.

Fodder for the new hatchlings: 

Special Magistrates, Czars.


Gestapo, KGB, Government intelligence

service?  Special security services,

state protection authority, code 

enforcement?  Just other

names for tyranny. 


Freedom, the Declaration of Independence:

“He has erected a multitude of New

Offices, and sent hither swarms of

Officers to harrass our people, and

eat out their substance.”


What is history but recycled truth ignored from

generation to generation of slaves to debt,

to persons, to lies, to governments  

that eat us alive with their

progeny of oppression?